Simple (and effective) ways to increase your workplace productivity

May 31, 2023

Here at Bespa we are all about creating stunning office spaces that bring your brand to life. Productivity is a massive part of successful brands and is built into the fabric of your office space, which is where we come in. 

We create bespoke workspaces that you (and we) can be proud of. 

Gone are the days of unused desks, rooms that remain empty or worse become a dumping ground for furniture that seemed like a great idea at the design stage but had no day-to-day purpose. 

Provide space to facilitate that all-important team discussion, don’t forget about the informal relationship building, but don’t neglect the need for deep work areas.

Nature - nurture

Biophilic design might be a buzz-phrase with current office designers but it is one that is unlikely to disappear. Connecting people and nature within the workplace has been shown to ‘support cognitive function, physical health, and positive well-being’ [NRDC] and a study by the University of Exeter revealed employees were 15% more productive when workplaces were filled with just a few houseplants. 

Biophilia is derived from Greek words for life and love, literally translating as the love of life.

So how does this translate to your office design? 

  • The direct presence of nature: Elements within your office design may include plants, water, a breeze, or natural light. Consider changing the size of your windows if you don’t get much sunlight. Some studies have demonstrated the positive influence of natural scents such as pine or lavender on productivity.
  • Analogues of nature: This is not directly incorporating nature but instead alluding to it in your office design through the walls, furniture, or decoration. Think of natural materials such as exposed woodwork, or natural shapes, patterns and colours.
  • Nature of the space : This means that the spacial elements of your office design elicit the sense of being in nature. This may include a dark and quiet room that simulates the calmness of a cave, or a spacious room with unrestricted views that feels outdoors without being outside. 

If you’re interested in other hot trends, take a look at our journal article discussing office design trends for 2023 here.

Zoning in 

Dividing your space up according to how your employees use it will help create different mindsets within the workplace that can increase productivity in the designated work zones. As counterintuitive as it seems that not 100% of your office space will be used for work, creating designated spaces for your employees to eat and drink, work collaboratively, or sit apart from the main office can massively boost your brand’s productivity. 

The theory is that workplaces that use different zones within their offices create stronger bonds between their employees, generating workplace harmony, meaning that people are more likely to get inspired to push themselves and others to achieve their goals.

There are a few ways that you can split your office space so here are a few ideas for how the different zones function. 

  • The home base - This is the area closest to the traditional chair and desk that offices used to be filled with. Perfect for uninterrupted working and that important deadline that needs all of your attention. 
  • The meeting room - The best designs for these feature a long central table that allows everyone to feel equally included and encourage people to get involved. Pool your best ideas and get creative! Have a couple of these and allow your employees to book them out to share ideas.
  • The open plan area - This area is perfect for small productive teamwork and encourages communication, eliminating unnecessary email chains that could be sorted in a twenty second conversation. Seeing other people working can incentivise some people to follow suit. 
  • The confidential area - Private conversations are held here away from the home base. This is great for discussions with clients or important management conversations. 
  • The break-out room - This is where your employees can slip away to refuel and have an informal chat with their coworkers. 

Why reinvent your workspace? 

Simple - people. Your people will see that you value their experience within the office and be more likely to invest their time and energy back into the business. If you improve your employee well-being you’ll see your productivity sky rocket.