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Our Purpose

We create sustainable workspaces where people flourish

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Values built to re-shape the modern workspace

We know how much a well-designed, flexible workspace can benefit modern workforces. That’s why we are values-driven, passionate about understanding your business’ individual needs so that your bespoke space fits your brand for many years to come.

We put people (and the planet) first

We care deeply about our customers and the effect that our business can have on the planet.

We act with empathy so that we can deeply understand client needs, collaborating closely to deliver their ideal workspace.

We take care of every detail, big and small

Our attention to detail and years of experience enables us to design to the needs of all types of people and businesses.

Our expertise and craft sets us apart as we raise standards in our space, whilst gaining total trust from our clients.

We shape stories of transformation

Every workplace we create is a story of transformation for the people and business involved.

We use the power of storytelling as part of our process and in showcasing our work.

So, every workspace that we create becomes part of our legacy to be proud of.

What We do

Transforming teams of all sizes - no project is too big or too small

Businesses that we have transformed

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Sustainability matters

We put people (and the planet) first. Here are our commitments to reduce our impact on the environment:


We specify and buy furniture products from the UK and/or from Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber used by the manufacturer.

Waste Material

By the end of 2023 all of our waste materials, e.g. plasterboard, timber, general waste and WEEE will be sorted separately before it leaves our site - resulting in less materials going to landfill.


We aim to reduce our own Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 5% every year.


We ensure our teams have access to the latest sustainability education from both internal and external sources.