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A vibrant project featuring homely touches for a modern office.

The Brief

Crowdcube were looking for a new office that they could ‘call their own’. Bespa coordinated a vibrant project where our designers worked in partnership with a young creative client who wanted to push the boundaries. The brief focused on employee well-being and the client felt that a traditional office did not facilitate this, so our designers chose a blend of homely materials, soft furnishings and a full-scale kitchen.

The Space

The goal was to create an office that provided a blend of comfort, play, and a professional workspace. For Crowdcube this meant including formal meeting rooms, cosy corners, creative spaces, a full kitchen and showers. The new office space was virtually derelict, which meant no structural change was necessary. We needed to add a new ceiling and lighting, meaning the refurbishment was CAT B. We engaged with staff to capture the functional requirements of the new space, and to understand how the teams worked. Following this, we designed a separate staff breakout and wellness zone, and a more formal area for desk work, with a partition between different areas. Existing partitioning and glazing within the space were reused, as were 50 desks in order to make the project more sustainable. We were proud to find out that Crowdcube won an award for the coolest office in Exeter!

Project Process

Bespa will break down their process here.
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