2023 office design trends

May 31, 2023

Provide retreat

Working from home has allowed a lot of people the flexibility and comfort of their own homes and the outdoors on their doorstep. Retreats in the office are a fast growing trend for 2023 and can take the form of libraries or corners in the office that are furnished more informally. This space is not used solely for work; it is different from the rest of the office and the way it is designed should reflect that. 

Bespa’s top tips for adding this to your 2023 office update:

  • Get your employees involved; what would they like the retreat to look like?
  • Reduce noise 
  • Encourage your employees to use the retreat!

Biophilic design 

Biophilic design might be a buzz-phrase with current office designers but it is one that is unlikely to disappear. Connecting people and nature within the workplace has been shown to ‘support cognitive function, physical health, and positive well-being’ [NRDC]. Biophilia is derived from Greek words for life and love, literally translating as the love of life. Many companies are now looking to green walls and nature-inspired spaces to increase productivity. 

Check out our article that has more information about biophilic spaces and productivity here. 

Bespa’s top tips for adding this to your 2023 office update:

  • Think outside the box, maybe add a water feature or outdoor scents
  • Go neutral on your colour palette 
  • Get inspired by natural shapes for your office ornaments and artwork

Encourage movement

The more time spent working does not necessarily mean the more productive and the better quality the work. Taking full breaks away from your desk and moving throughout the work day is just as important as the amount of time spent deep in focus. 

By simply placing amenities slightly further away from the silent study spaces you encourage movement for all of your employees. A slightly longer amble will avoid isolation and promote cross-team collaboration without directly enforcing time together. 

Bespa’s top tips for adding this to your 2023 office update:

  • Encourage your employees to take walking meetings 
  • Offer some standing desks with treadmills 
  • Create office zones to facilitate movement throughout the day

Elevate user experience

The pandemic has forced businesses to increase the amount of money and time they spend on their office aesthetic. With many employees enjoying the comforts of their own home for the last three years, people need an incentive to brave the commute into the office. 

Natural light, access to food and drink, and high quality materials and technology can all improve the experience of your employees and have a positive knock on effect on your productivity. 

Bespa’s top tips for adding this to your 2023 office update:


  • Prioritise ergonomic furniture and equipment
  • Good ventilation and heating that is fully customisable is a priority
  • Get as much natural light as possible

Consider remote teams

Since the COVID-19 pandemic many offices have had to face a large proportion of their workforce still working remotely so it is important that office design trends keep this in mind. Larger screens in meeting rooms to better show facial expressions and better connect those who are working remotely to those in the office. 

The notion of everyone being in the office five days a week is unrealistic, however your office space needs to be flexible so on those days where 99% of your workforce does turn up, you have space for everyone.

Bespa’s top tips for adding this to your 2023 office update:

  • Encourage collaborative space regularly to integrate your work-from-home (WFH) employees
  • Create multi-functional spaces 
  • Prioritise great internet connection and high speed technology to keep everyone connected regardless of whether they work in the office or at home

Only time will tell how close our predictions match the true office design trends for 2023 but get in touch with our team here if you would like to explore how we can elevate your workspace.