The Exeter

15,000 sq ft
Services Delivered

A low-carbon fit-out for a modern insurance business.

The Brief

Bespa was challenged to transform a 15,000 sq ft office building over three floors supporting 150 staff, which had little or no investment into the building interiors for 15-20 years. We designed and delivered a low-carbon fit-out with more open-plan and collaborative spaces, intending to attract employees back to the office after the lasting impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Space

The space was created to increase the connection between the employees and the natural environment. We wanted this office to be future-focused and environmentally conscious throughout its construction. Each floor was designed to maximise the natural light into the working spaces and maximise the functionality of spaces for the key needs of the business. Team ‘neighbourhoods’ were created to allow for flexibility in styles of working but also encouraged teams to collaborate. Supporting spaces allowed the teams to move between more traditional office spaces and large open tables depending on the task they were undertaking. The shared spaces were adjacent on the ground floor to allow the flexibility and movement between training, meeting rooms and the break out space. The building benefits from being south facing and so we capitalised on the benefits of direct sunlight as much as possible. Also on site there is a lake and a green area that we ensured was close to the breakout area to see the benefits of reconnecting with nature. We jumped at the opportunity to open up the building in the breakout space to create a continuous space from inside out to a terrace area. Large bifold doors were installed to allow the sight lines out to the lake and green area at all times of the year to promote well-being and a space to break away.

Project Process

Define Brief & Staff Engagement
Concept Design
Detail Design & Site Planning
Furniture Specification & Procurement
Site Construction
Bespa Ongoing Support
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